Polyamory and Intentional Community

This site is a forum for arti­cles dis­cussing polyamory, or respon­si­ble non-monogamy, and Com­mu­ni­ty. Polyamory is the prac­tice of desir­ing or being involved in more than one inti­mate rela­tion­ship at a time with the knowl­edge and con­sent of all con­cerned par­ties. It is vast­ly dif­fer­ent from cheat­ing because of that knowl­edge and con­sent. Polyamorous rela­tion­ships can be made up of any num­ber of peo­ple. Wikipedia can tell you more about the ori­gin and his­to­ry of the term.

As for Inten­tion­al Com­mu­ni­ty, I define it more specif­i­cal­ly than Wikipedia does. They con­cen­trate on the com­mer­cial and res­i­den­tial devel­op­ments, where­as I focus on the human aspects of cho­sen fam­i­ly.

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