About Me

I’m Cynthia Armistead, known online as FelisLunae, TechnoMom, or BellaMiaow. I’ve been polyamorous for over thirty years, with the occasional foray into monogamy. I live in the Atlanta area with my love Rick, with whom I’m in a monogamous relationship. I’ve been married and divorced three times and spent fourteen years with my former life partner, Sam. Of course, there were other relationships too. Having had that much experience, I have rather a lot to say about relationships and another interest, community. Many of the articles here have been tucked away on my main site or even on my ancient LiveJournal for years, but there will be new ones as well. I’d like to encourage discussion and feedback, so comments are open to anyone (moderation is enabled only to the extent necessary to prevent spam).

If you have any interest in the rest of my life and opinions, please visit TechnoMom.

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